“Rich musical tapestries

…punchy and passionate folk songs.”

– FolkWorld #52, Nov 2013



Hello, welcome to our website!

You can read more on the BIO page, but I thought a brief explanation about how the name THE MOOR ROSE came into being would be good.

For me, there are two “Roses” and two “Moors”. I was named after my musical grandfather, Asa Stuart ROSE, who sang Cornish hymns and folk songs to my mother when she was a child. Although being born and raised in Australia, with traditional influences from the music of the Celts and Western Folk being strong in our culture, Moorish music also resonates for me and is expressed in many of my original songs and instrumentals. Symbolically, the ROSE flower is also an icon of life, love, nature and beauty – that is certainly put into the music too!

What about the MOOR? The moors are delicate and diverse landscapes of the UK and Ireland where my family history and cultural heritage originates. Often misunderstood as bleak and barren “wastelands”, as in The Hound of the Baskervilles or Wuthering Heights, these mysterious places are actually importantly rich, sweepingly beautiful ecosystems and habitats for all sorts of flora and fauna. Also, there’s the Moors from North Africa, Southern Spain, Eastern Aegean and beyond… with their modal music and rich musical tapestries. These Moorish places and cultures are not fixed in the past, they are both ancient and modern, and so is our music.

So, there you have it – the “Moors” and the “Roses” that make the sum of THE MOOR ROSE!!!

Stuart Rose